Step 12

Hey guys, sorry for such a long delay. I’ve been distracted with life. The book project is not dead, just taking a nap. Here’s the first part of my chapter on step 12. And yes atheist did turn to humanist on purpose with step 12. Thanks again for all the support!

Many talk about spiritual awakenings with a kind of muted skepticism. We want to be honest with ourselves but at the same time don’t want our misgivings to dislodge or weaken a belief that may be giving our fellows some comfort from a terrifying illness. Talking about this step in meetings there is always a challenge around what language to use. I was surprised to find that the language was already in the existing literature. I need only seek it out.

As always there may be something you like better or a passage that “really speaks to your condition”. Let nothing in this book stop you from finding that. For now we’ll stick with the one that helped me the most and that was to think of my spiritual awakening as an “entire psychic change”. So simple; a hint of the mystic vocabulary for poetic flavour, yet without muddling the meaning. And in terms of pragmatism; I surely needed one.

Focus on sponsorship, the reflection of teaching and how it reinforces and repolinates ideas. It forces you to reexamine your own ways of doing things as so many become internal and you’re forced to externalize them. There are also many positive aspects to the creation of community that come from working with people and having them work with others. We go from being useless survivors of a disease that causes us to hurt those we love to members of an anonymous fellowship exclusive to those that have survived a devastating illness. And in that we’ll find we are armed with a perspective invaluable to helping others with our addiction.

Tl:DR : read it, your recovery is worth it.

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